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It is time to train.

Park Training

Park Training is here.  We are going to be taking to the hills and training outdoors this next week.

Our new location is almost ready, we are just waiting for the final paperwork to come through from the city.  We have been up late almost every night since we moved, and the place is AWESOME!  We will be up and continuing our Self Defense training, our Kids Krav Program, Strikefit and HT Programs, soon.

While we are waiting, we are going to be doing our annual park training.

Wednesday May 24th at 6 pm

we will be meeting at the south end of the park.  There is a parking lot at that end, or a larger parking lot through the neighborhood, on the north west side of the park.

Olympus Hills Park

  • 4345 South 3090 East

    Outdoor training is always fun, with the fresh air and the change of dynamics in our training.  This has become a tradition every year.  A place where we can get down and dirty.  Training in the dirt, trees and weeds.  Krav Kapture the Flag.  Bound with Zip Ties, and Antiquing have all been included in this training.

    Come join in the tradition. Spread the word.  Bring your friends.  If you have never trained or are well versed in Krav Maga, this training is for you.  Reborn’s park training is an awesome time and great experience.

    Come out and join us for some park training.