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Krav Maga

Krav Maga is Self-Defense. Translated from Hebrew for Contact Combat. In this rapidly changing world, it isn’t if but when something violent will happen in your life. It may be a direct threat like a mugging, rape or home invasion. It may be an indirect incident where you may need to step in to help. There are also the new variables, such as active shooters and terror inflicting actions of others. Krav Maga teaches you to take action, rather than freeze.



StrikeFit is our high paced, high energy fitness class all built around putting combinations on the bag. This energized class will build your endurance and burn calories all while having fun with our heavy bags. Fight back to get the body that you want. Our instructors will have you punching and kicking your way into that fit person that we all want to see in the mirror.


Handgun Tactics

Build your handgun handling from the ground up. With our exclusive handgun tactics training course, you will build the foundation of firearm safety and proper handling while loading and unloading. You will learn skills to improve your odds if you ever find yourself in a gun fight, including clearing firearm malfunctions, movement, and mindset.


Kids Krav

Is the premier children’s program for Self-Defense, Kickboxing, Karate, Fitness, and Life Skills for kids ages 5 to 14. Our children’s program gives your child opportunities to excel in physical fitness, safety, and self improvement. We emphasize discipline, focus, and goal-setting.   We are not your average “karate” school, we take great pride in being one of the best kids martial arts programs in the state.


Muay Thai

Our fight class is designed for those students who want to experience fighting in a step by step, methodical, non intimidating fashion. The students will learn the essential strikes, blocks, and movements of Krav Maga street fighting and will be brought along slowly until they are accustomed to the contact that occurs in a fight. There will be some degree of contact in every class, beginning with minimal contact and ending with light sparring by the end of the class. All students must have full protection consisting of headgear, mouthguard, shin guards, hand wraps, boxing gloves and a cup for men is required for each class.


Private Lessons

60 minutes

Private lessons are a great way to continue your education and get some personal one on one training. We can create fully customized lessons to meet your needs and wants.


Prepare for any situation.

The only variable that you can control, is you!